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-Automassage Saxophone EP
Band That Never Was

Automassage (Graz/Murska Sobota) are Samo Ismajlovič (bass), Slobodan Kajkut (drums), Gottfried Krienzer (bass), Christoph Uhlmann (synth) and Rok Vrbančič (synth) who fry the rancid leftovers of parallel and previous projects such as Code Inconnu, Neuf Meuf and The Striggles. The audible result of this mixture is not easy to describe since the band shamelessly indulges in stylistic pluralism, but some constants can still be determined: The preference for poorly controlled distortions, mumbled vocals, stomach turning basses, crackling noisy ambience and lo-fi in general. That might sound all very funny, loose and airy, but the massagists simply just can't change the overly sophisticated way they are, and after painful serious processes of composing, deconstructing and evaluating, they puzzle out complex musical structures.

-Cherly KaCherly Misadventure of a Meaty Machine
Band That Never Was

Misadventure of a Meaty Machine is Cherly Kacherly's third release following "Drop a 4 Note Soundtrack" and the self titled debut EP.
like its predecessors it was also recorded at home, using a reluctant microphone and a text to speech software that was put in charge of the vocal parts.
Surprisingly, the album is also available in a silkscreen printed board game deluxe edition, immune to future Internet catastrophes and could technically survive a nuclear holocaust if kept in the right conditions.


-Band That Never Was
Band That Never Was

“We would sit and talk for hours. Sometimes we had fragile insights or were able to reach a loose agreement. Other times we'd slip into beer-laden arguments. Our words collecting to form an abstract idea which we could not put on paper.
We knew that if we tried, the whole thing would escape us before we got halfway through it. We did not have time to polish it up with rehearsals or write down the different segments and beats because the whole idea was so delicate, it probably would have crumbled. So we just went into the studio and played it.”

The ‘Band That Never Was’ existed for two hours, thirty six minutes and six seconds, including a break.



fact records logo Neokoln


Fact reissue


Neokoln was released in 1999 by the Jerusalem based label "Fact Records".
all the music on the album was written and performed by Ariel Caine and featured Hovav Oppenheim's (Fun) guitar skills on some of the tracks as well as production assistance.
The music itself was either late for its own time or preceded the dark eighties revival. The use of minimal synths, alienated vocals and hazy use of Hebrew balance themselves with the almost pop like concrete tunes to create some sort of introvert communication.
Ariel Caine released another album on Fact and was also a member of the extended Fun family. both albums were eventually reissued on birdsong.


-Supertalented Plus Size
Supertalented - Plus Size

Noa is still Supertalented and she says: “Some of the songs on the album were made for people I know, but if you feel like any of the songs are about you, then don't let me tell you otherwise”. She also said other things which we had to censor due to inappropriate language use .
Plus Size is Supertalented's second release on Birdsong. This time shorter , stronger and more suitable for Hell's Angels. more songs about cheesecakes and less about potatoes.


-A.K.A Gelbart Banjo Tapes
Banjo Tapes

Adi Gelbart A.K.A The Lonesomes A.K.A Gelbart has put his synths aside this time, cleaned the dust off the old banjo and recorded some dark surf music to tape.
Featuring tremolo bear traps, guitars, fiddles, drums and gongs.


-Various Artists Unheard Tweets
Unheard Tweets

We've been here for quite a while now. About 6 years already. That's a lot of time, maybe too long.
During those years musical interactions were made and some recordings couldn't find their place even in our nest. Wandering tweets from off-projects, things that were made outside the personal paths and collaborations between artists that rarely play outside. We've gathered these tweets by: The lonesome Excutive, HER HIGHNESS, Tiny Creatures, Kauders, Yonatan Levital, Supertalented, Cherly KaCherly, Beatmapper and AP:MP dusted them off and gave them a home.
We hope you enjoy.
The Birds

-Lafi Neighbors
Lafi - Neighbors

Lafi - short for Laflaf [hebrew slang], which means "geek", "wimp" or "nerd".
Following "Your'e the Same Kofi Fool, Creep" and "All Out War" comes Lafi´s 3rd release - Neighbors , this time with no guitars and no special guests. 5 catchy songs, recorded in her mini home studio in Berlin, about neighbors, dinner parties and occult rituals.


-LeeDVD First I love
LeeDVD - First I Love

"First I love" was recorded into a computer in an orange room at the top floor of a Warsaw skyscraper. Surprisingly the album is not orange at all. It's dark with ambient points, electronic dots, Lo-Fi overtone, dark lyrics and lively vocals that frame everything together into the form of this unexpected album.
LeeDVD believes in the illusiveness of our everyday reality. Life is not what it seems to be. Sometimes if you fixate your gaze at life, you will notice its shine and how bright it can get and at other times it will seem blacker than the blackest abyss. More like the gaze of the abyss itself.

-Digital_Me The Accordion E.P.
Digital_Me - The Accordion E.P.

A picture of young mother Librowski playing the accordion led Digital_Me (Shay Librowski; musician and offspring) to a successful treasure hunt in his parents' attic. The collective association of the accordion as an old-time instrument and the aversion from bellows and squeezeboxes inherent to the electronic musician were quickly replaced by curiosity and inquisitiveness.
The first discovery was that the accordion sounds much better when one does not know how to play it, which led as a direct conclusion to pairing the archaic accordion with the best effects rolling around the room at the time.
The result, as with many cases of incest, was abstract, rhythmic and bore no necessary resemblance to the parents.

Digital_Me is a prolific and active musician with an abundance of mini-albums and a newly released debut album behind him. Amongst others, he has produced AP:MP, released on this label as well.
The Accordion E.P. is released in association with the label “Audio Montage”.

-Kauders Brian invited June...
Kauders - Brian invited June

kauders is an Austrian guitarist and music-maker who plays in bands like The Striggles (experimental blues), Code Inconnu (noise rock), Automassage (ambient rock) or Duo Adé (conceptual music, impro).
In his solo works he allows himself to do all the things he can't do, or better he doesn't dare to do in his band projects, which means sometimes being shamelessly lofty and sometimes leaving the path of good taste.
His new album „Brian invited June...“ is based on sequencer-tracks that were originally very close to the aesthetics of dance music, but then treated by effects, pitched and filtered, overlayed with vocals, guitars and field recordings and sometimes put into a song structure. The audible result is a very personal and ambivalent commentary or maybe even anti- pole to pattern structured party and easy listening music.
Though this all sounds pretty conceptual, Kauders doesn't intend to produce some kind of intellectual meta-music, if you dig inside you might find a foolishly romantic core, always aiming for some beauty besides of spotlessness.

-Dudu Geva RETROVULVA 2002
Dudu Geva - RETROVULVA 2002

Dudu Geva have mastered the ZCHATZTZ$AA! for a while now. Some times they mix it with a little AOAOZZZT? and MOUGHT*ZT just to emphasize the great sound of an unavoidable upcoming RRRRR! or WHAUIII#! . Their last and most complete release so far is a two sided ZCHATZTZ$AA! adventure. some may claim its a homage for the lost 20th century format known as the "Record" or Long Player (LP). These ancient vinyl plates had no option of rewinding or forwarding tracks, so when the younger CD format (known today as The High Priced Frisbee or HPF)
popped up it changed the way people experience albums forever. That is until now. So please don't forward, rewind or stop this two tracked album in the middle, and let this retro feature weld Dudu Geva's AOAOZZZT?, MOUGHT*ZT, RRRRR! and WHAUIII#! into a big perfect ZCHATZTZ$AA! while your brain melts down through your ears.

-Supertalented Weight Watchers
Supertalented - Weight Watchers

Noa is supertalented, but she's not alone in that. She says "All the amazing guitar solos are played by johannes. He also bought me my guitar and was the inspiration to most of the songs" and " kristoffer plays on 'Brazil', 'Atomer' and 'You're wrong'. He is also supertalented and lives in Oslo. we live in london."
It seems the world is packed with supertalented people, but only a few of them teamed up to be Supertalented - the band.
Noa says that "people who like supertalented are super".
People who like Supertalented and saw them live said " Supertalented's song melodies were all fantastic" and "I really liked the laid back, almost classical style, but the main point of this band is not their tunes, great as these may have been. The major attraction lies in their very silly lyrics. All the songs are short, and sometimes the weirdness and sometimes just the simplicity of the words make you smile."
We say "Supertalented are super Lo-Fi for Superpeople."

-Cherly KaCherly Drop a 4 note Soundtrack
Cherly KaCherly-Drop a 4 note soundtrack

"Drop - a 4 note soundtrack" Could have been a soundtrack to an animation movie by Nir Matarasso, instead it's a soundtrack to a film that is only partially revealed inside "Drop". An animation about the making of animation.
The album tells a story about a relationship that takes place underwater in 15 scenes. (which can be partly seen inside the prolonged cd cover ). The album's main theme moves up and down a 4 note scale, a limit which is taken in order to capture the main character's obsession and create an underwater feel.
In spite of the album's limit and maybe due to it, the album manages to transport the listener through a variety of worlds. From floating guitar sounds to wooden percussion and from aggressive wind instruments to apocalyptic ambient.
"Drop - a 4 note soundtrack"
is Cherly Kacherly's second album to be released on birdsong after "Cherly Kacherly - E.P"

-Senza Valore Attack / Decay E.P.
Senza Valore

"Senza Valore" is a project by multi-instrumentalist Joseph Campbell, or, as he defines it, "man who can play many instruments poorly".
"Attack/Decay E.P.", we assume, refers to the starting point, where the sound is at its peak and the part where the sound dies out until it becomes a recurring echo of itself. This leaves the meaty middle without any attention.
This is partly true of the "Attack/Decay E.P.", which opens with the sounds of children playing and ends with an ambient breath so fragile, it might not be more than a fleeting thought passing through the microphone. The middle that should have been neglected is actually as meaty, creative and melodic as a middle should be.


-Uncle Owen Aunt Beru Earth is the Right Place for Love
Earth is the Right Place for Love

Earth is the right place for Love
is Uncle Owen Aunt Beru's new album title as well as the opening and closing track.
It's only when we start peeling off the top onion skin that we find the more complex world of earthlings and Jessica among them.
It seems our planet is a place for love, war, religion and all those other big things we deal with, but mostly it's a place of small things. Small moments under the sun. Small thoughts that exist only between words and small creatures on this clockwork planet trying to find out the meaning of it all.

This is Jessica Calleiro's 2nd album as Uncle Owen Aunt Beru following Spaces In Time


-Artik Shaman Tones
Shaman Tones

Not much is known about Artik. This may be due to security classification issues or maybe it's just low usage of words.
What we do know is that: 1. Artik is Artur Antonian 2. The person known as Artur Antonian is a Ukrainian now living in Poland for reasons that are unclear, confidential or unimportant. 3. Artur Antonian is a violinist though Artik is not. 4. Artik and the person known as Artik are the same person.
Artur claims that Artik didn't use a violin or any other acoustic instrument for his first album "Shaman Tones". He claims it was strictly made on a computer, Though the untrained ear will notice, the indistinct sounds of Bagpipes, distorted strings, fragile things being crashed and tormented babies.
An internal C.I.A report claimed that "Shaman Tones" is an actual fever attack recording using a highly sophisticated K.G.B equipment. "Weapons of mass destruction" and "massive obsessive electronics" were the only words published to the public.
"Red classification" listening only


-Tiny Creatures Homunculus

The Homunculus, Latin for “little man”, is a truly tiny creature that lives in the brain and controls it from the inside. Some claim he is responsible for all non-basic functions of man; perhaps the enjoyment of music, or perhaps its creation.
Tiny Creatures” return less tiny this time around. They've beefed up their sound and lost the tendency to scatter. Still, they won't have a moment's rest. From beatbox layers recorded live into a delay pedal to stinging guitars to a harmonium competing with crappy, lo-fi keyboards and vocals that conjure images of the Red Army choir, “Homunculus” rides the fine line between eclectic and cohesive and falls square in the middle.
This is the second release for “Tiny Creatures” to come out on Birdsong.


-Carlos Labbé Doce canciones para Eleodora
apmpDoce canciones para Eleodora

Doce canciones para Eleodora
was recorded by Carlos Labbé in the winter of 2003 in order to cheer up his then girlfriend now wife and music collaborator.
He recorded the music onto his old PC using his walkman headphones as a microphone, his grandmother's mini classic guitar, a Yamaha PSR-100 electronic keyboard, a now untraceable drum machine software, a children's recorder and a traditional Chilean instrument that resembles a jaw harp called trompe.



Fun - Measured by the Inch

FuN - Measured by the Inch E.P + Thurston Moore
Fact reissue

Fun was formed in 2002 by Shay Yehezkelli (coma) and Hovav Oppenheim as a free spirited side project that got out of control with the independent release of their E.P Measured By The Inch. The E.P was quickly reissued by Fact Records and made it into a bullet-proof radio playlist.
Soon the duo became a band with the help of Ariel Caine (Neokoln), Ariel Kleiner (The Rubberband Project), Yonatan Naim and Avishay Londner (Lebanon).
At the same year they released the "Thurston Moore" single that became their biggest hit and features a remix to The Black Dude From Faithless (Muhamad Ali) and a Stooges No Fun cover as bonus tracks.
Sadly, these two releases are the shortlived band's full discography.



ir Plane Mashed Potatoes is a mish mash of hard and broken electronic beats, arabic pop and braindance all soaked in punk attitude. The live electronic sounds were produced with the use of two samplers, guitars, turntable, radio,
microphone, sticks and endless showoffs.

Produced by Digital_Me


-SxFxTxC God BLess SxFxTxC

xFxTxC (Shmen For The Children) are a four-piece hardcore punk group from Maccabim-Re'ut, Israel. The band started playing together in the summer of 2004 when they were all staying in Berlin.
SxFxTxC are here to save the world and bring destruction all at once.
This release is a collaboration between Birdsong and High Fiber.
May god have mercy on our souls.


-Uncle Owen Aunt Beru Spaces in time
Uncle Owen Aunt Beru

Uncle Owen Aunt Beru
are actually one person named Jessica. She makes music like journal entries, capturing her ideas and impressions of earth and other planets onto her multi-track recorder.
In her spaceship's luggage compartment one can find different specimens of an earthly nature and frozen experiences collected in her travels.
Uncle owen Aunt Beru's album is a careless experiment with simple melodies, crude sounds, Jessica's voice and the captain's log.


-Dudu Geva Tumba Zombie + Streets Of Tomorrow
Dudu Geva

This collective of lunatics (named after the great israeli cartoonist) comes to us all the way from the land of baguettes and cheap red wine. this short two track album spans no more than 3 minutes. The music is a combination of psychedelic mayhem, progressive chord structures and cats in heat being tortured.
This is just an introduction to this great band, so be sure to check out more of them.


_Beatmapper Birdsong remixes

Our first hi-fi release contains six remixes of tracks by three different birdsong artists (her highness, tiny creatures and the lonesome executive). Beatmapper, a well known HI-FI fascist,remolded these songs into clean Hi-Fi dancefloor hits. these 6 sterilized decendants often leave little resemblance of their slacker parents.
see more information on artist page.


-Isuzu Kochiwa Disassembling the Molecules
Isuzu Kochiwa

Hails from Osaka, Japan. Isuzu Kochiwa (founder of japanese post noise group "Amok") brings us this album of short experimental pieces, a homage to 18 different painters which all tracks are named after. Isuzu uses his computer, voice, samples and different acoustic elements. creating microsounds, layered scapes and total psychedelia.
its nice listening to how some of your favorite painters sound like inside Kochiwa's brain.

-Panic Ensemble Live at Clipa Theatre
Panic Ensemble

A live show by Panic Ensemble at Clipa Theatre. The band takes an experimental approach to pieces which could be defined as classic, contemporary and even folk.
The electronic elements and female vocals woven together with classic instruments such as a viola, accordion and tabla, form together imaginary structures in space, giving the album its unique ambient texture.
Ensemble leader Roy Yarkoni is the co founder of the bands Ahvak and Thin Lips and amongst his many collaborations you can find artists such as Jewlia Eisenberg (Charming Hostess), Avi Belleli and Maya Dunietz.
Musicians: Yael Kraus - vocals, Roy Yarkoni - sampler and piano, Galia Hai - viola, Ishay sommer - bass, Erez Kariel - guitar, Boris Martzinovsky - accordion, Dirk Kunsch - trumpet, Yatsiv Caspi - percussion.

-The Unnecessary Revolution 2nd of 3 e.p.
The Unnecessary Revolution

The combination between the Unnecessary Revolution and Brassens created a compound which isn't necessarily connected to its two ingredients. Brassens (1921-1981) created witty, scorching texts on the verge of anarchism that leaned on sugary melodies, while the Unnecessary Revolution within the gap of two generations away, created fidgety music which ignores the narrative structures. The co-operation continued it's way to israel and transformed the lyrics into hebrew, making them more and more distant from their original source. The jamming and the fading memory, remolded the music again and again to its current shape which is "2nd of 3"

-Roy Chicky Arad Yedidim Tovim
Roy Chicky Arad

A collection of raw sketches found on Roy Chicky Arad's computer.
As opposed to his previous net-releases which are more electronic based, this album contains tracks done with guitars, keyboard and other acoustic instruments that were recorded onto his computer.
see artist statement in Hebrew



Ariel Caine


Ariel Caine
Fact reissue

Ariel Caine's (a.k.a. Neokoln ) eponymous EP is his second release. The album shifts from the dense, heavy, 80's oriented sound that featured heavily on the Neokoln album towards more minimal, but still electronic, instrumentations. This lends the songs a slightly more analog sound and gives the album an overall different feel. The album was originally released by fact records in 2001

-Major Keez Joined by her highness In the Neither Land e.p.
Major Keez

Her Highness's 2nd album (following the fantastic "Broken Music Box featuring her highness").
A conceptual piece made only out of the sound of major keez (her toy keyboard friend ) and her vocals. A mellower and less colorful approach to sound design followed by extreme attention to melodic hooks and harmonic vocals.

-The Unnecessary Revolution 1st of 3 e.p.
The Unnecessary Revolution

The Unnecessary Revolution exists for no purpose in its different forms and with changing band members ever since 1991. loyal to the bizzare system that was forced upon them ever since they came up with their name, the unnecessary revolution never missed a chance to fail in their well tought, acquired skills. their music falls into the mello-dyslectic genre, a mutation of french chansons, psychedelia and avantgarde jazz music that was left in the sun to sour. "1st of 3" was recorded together with its two step brothers on 2002, while its editing and mixing went on until mid 2005.




Coma - Assuann
Fact reissue


Assuann is a blend of experimental and middle eastern music, of electronic and trash metal, avant-garde and acoustic rock.
Each track here has its own unique texture and story, yet they all tell even a greater tale as an album.
Assuann is Coma's (
Shai Yechezkely) third album, originally all three were released on fact records .



-Ofir hey you, come here

"hey you, come here" is a collection out of the variety of documented music which was found inside the beautiful but threatening to burst head of Ofir Klemperer. six songs in hebrew and one instrumental piece, were chosen to create this album which Ofir claims to be an introduction album. The Tunes are complex and unusual, arrangments are colorful , variety of sounds and textures. Some times the touch is electronic, sometimes acoustic and sometimes something else, and always typical to ofir with his nasal singing and the weariless piano. All songs recorded at ofir's house using a Korg d-16.
Ofir plays: yamaha s8 synthisizer, melodica, guitar, and drums.

-Tiny Creatures Tiny Creatures
Tiny Creatures

Twenty-six adjectives describing tiny creatures:
Delicate, bizarre, cute, vulnerable, tough, ingenious, whimsical, mechanical, spontaneous, quick, primal, weird, hungry, careful, scaly, dangerous, soothing, confusing, grim, inventive, fascinating, efficient, gentle, harsh, strange, smart.
Listening to Tiny Creatures is like listening to an intelligent ant colony expatiate upon predicate calculus, Harlequin romances, sour gum balls, the infield fly rule, Ikea furniture, Debussy, and Encyclopedia Brown books.
courtesy of www.imaginaryalbums.com


-Yonatan Levital ...and Monkey
Yonatan Levital

1998-2001 were intensive years in the attic.
A lot of music was created using anything that could produce sounds that could produce interest. This inspiration-full period of time left it's mark in the shape of a lot of material recorded using my devoted four tracker. Now, a few years later, some of this material found it's way to become one piece of an instrumental album, which is that.
the monkey is not singing. Actually nobody sings this time. It's all just a bunch of insrumental emotions. A collection of small musical paintings. Perhaps i spoke too much about an album that was just trying to escape words?


-Eli Las A Planet Full of Motels
Eli Las

Eli las is angry, direct, and cynical with guitars and drum machines.
Recorded at home with a four tracker and went through a computer for some sound processing.
Rough singing, spreaded playing, different tunes... Eli las makes a very "Eli lassic" Lo-Fi rock, sounds basically like himself, and there's something very beautiful and special in these songs that he's singing here.
A good and uncompromising album.


-Cherly KaCherly Cherly KaCherly e.p.
Cherly KaCherly

From his apartment in south tel aviv Cherly KaCherly makes colourful electronic music with his trustee computer , breaky hopping beats with the mixture of various loops ,samples and guitar work create this electro jazz fusioned EP.

-Broken Music Box featuring HER HIGHNESS
Broken music box

Cutting and pasting on her computer , Her Highness is like a 3 year old circus girl singing her songs to make all the kids laugh...
She makes happy pop songs with samples she recorded using a cello , harmonium , a plastic clarinet and other toys.
Sometimes she even sprinkles tiny bits of midi on the top.

-The Lonesome Executive's Fantastic Tape Recorder
The lonesome executive

The Lonesome Executive
records his music into a small dictation recorder , he sings sweet mellow songs with his guitar only to then fast forward them so they sound like a crazed animated chipmunk on ritalin.
This album is a story about a kid that wakes up in the morning and decides that he is no longer a child.

-cHelek cHelek - e.p.

Five days at the attic, guitars, piano, a drum set, sampler, some power tools, 4track tape recorder, and two inspired guys with a deadline are the ingredients of this interesting EP called cHELEK.
The music of cHELEK is dirty loud instrumental rock,
influenced by all kinds of shit from all around.
it is considred to be one classic piece of shit, and with no doubt an important mile stone in the pregnancy of this website